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An in-house legal department can easily provide legal advice and guidance to the business in response to enquiries. What is difficult, but more important, is to ensure that what you are doing is actually required of the business and fits with its goals and objectives.

Your organisation is constantly evolving, whether to deal with technological advancements, increasingly sophisticated customers, changes in the economic landscape or perhaps competitor activity. The legal department needs not just to be aware of factors affecting their organisation, but to be able to respond to these factors and to adapt the services it provides.

Essentially, alignment is about doing the right work, at the right time and in the right way.

5 ways to better align your legal function and actively influence business objectives

Understand the business priorities and strategy
of your organisation

Spend time with your stakeholders to gain a better understanding of their objectives and drivers.

Consider developing a strategy for the legal department which is reflective of your organisation’s overall strategy and seek input from your stakeholders.

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